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A need for balance. A need for a little salt on the wound and then a piece of chocolate to tell you – “it’s okay.”
Cheers to knowing that at least you get some reward.

The How-To (Most importantly!)

Fried Egg and Vegetables:
Half a tomato
2 eggs
A dash of salt and pepper
Green onions
Cilantro (optional)
Green beans (optional)
Boston lettuce (optional)
Tofu (optional)
Vegetable oil (or whatever you prefer)

Beat eggs. Stir in cilantro and green onions. Set aside.
Dice up tomatoes and whatever other vegetables you’d like and place into a small bowl. (I like being extra healthy and getting my share of vegetables for the day. I’ve also tried it with just tofu and tomatoes – so whatever your taste buds desire)
Pour a small spoonful of oil onto skillet. Heat up skillet and then pour egg mixture onto it.
Add in the other vegetables – mix everything evenly together.
Fry the egg until it is a nice golden color – it takes up to 3-5 minutes.
Add a bit of salt and pepper – depends on how you like it 🙂
Ready to eat!

(I give very casual directions, so if it doesn’t work out the way you want it I always like googling different recipes – i.e.

Costco Fish – Ahi Tuna
Buy it from Costco, remove from packaging, prepare a foil-wrapped tray, preheat oven to about 350 degrees and then leave the sauce on the fish and leave it in in the oven for about 15-18 minutes (Only if you took it out of the freezer) – I’m not really sure what the actual directions say, but this has worked out for me 🙂

Chocolate chip/ butterscotch cookies >> I used the Nestle Toll House Recipe except for a few things:
Instead of 1 cup of butter – I used a little less than 1/2 cup (about 6 tbsp) and poured in a little bit of either fat-free or lowfat milk – it’s up to you.
Sometimes instead of using 2 eggs – I use 1 egg and a cup of applesauce -or- 1 egg and a cup of water (It tastes just as good I promise!) – the results may vary depend on how you mix everything together. Also, I will warn you that the batter might be a little more watery than usual.
Also, I used 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips and 1/2 a cup of butterscotch chips – I absolutely loved the mix of the two.
Finally, if you like a stronger taste of vanilla – add just a tiny bit more vanilla extract to give it hint more of that taste and the smell!

Alright, lovelies!

See you all again tomorrow 🙂
And here, I leave you with another video of my recent writings:

Standing As One

Trust me, not in spontaneity,
But of the utmost sincerity,
From the valleys of your heart,
The only depths that will understand,
Because here I am,
Standing as one.

Allow me, not in reluctance,
But in reassurance,
Send me, not in fear and hesitance,
But in joy and acceptance,
That I am and that I will be
Standing as one.

One, whose hands will not forget
Every step, every time, every word of guidance.
One, whose two feet will probably stand
Because they once were grounded in your strength.
One, whose mind will succeed
With the encouragement instilled.
One, whose heart will boldly love
In likeness to the heart that mended the broken pieces.

For you,
I am forever
Standing as one.

Hold My Last.

Even with the sun setting,
Quieting winds dancing,
Winged creations fleeting,
The newborn flame can still burn,
One last time.

Even when the steps lengthen,
Time impatiently grows,
Conversations, in meaning, lose,
Please triumph this day,
One last time.

Even as hills become mountains,
As each star shoots further away,
As the clouds become the only cover,
Leave me in my strength,
One last time.

Even when the fact breaks the emotion,
The reason wins the heart,
The last word replaces every explanation,
Let me hold my last everything,
One last time.

Even if tomorrow sweeps you off your feet,
Today is forgotten or stored away,
Yesterday only the lingering fragrance of simplicity,
Remember my hands, even if it is,
One last time.

Written by Ainsley

Thanks for stopping by 🙂