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Balance is always key. Alas, I decided since I have been indulging in apple pies, fruit tarte, hazelnut cinnamon-chocolate cake, and bacon wrapped goodness, I must balance my eating with something – gasp, need I say it? Yes, HEALTHY. Now, who would have thought that I, of all people would actually try and want to be healthy?

Here it goes:

  • Miso soup with one egg and tofu
  • Carrot-apple juice
  • Herb-salad and miso-dressing* (it’s delicious!)

*1/2 tsp of miso, 2 tsp of HOT water, and 1 tsp of soba-soy-sauce (tsuyu)

TADA! (I know, I know, it doesn’t look that pretty, but hey, it’s yummy and HEALTHY!)