Blueberry upside down mini cakes! Absolutely adorable!

So I actually made some French Silk Chocolate mini pies – all inspired by the not martha blog :)! Which after having a personal request on blueberry recipes, I looked up various websites and decided to make mini upside-down blueberry cakes! I’ll be honest – it wasn’t as successful as I would have liked; however, it still managed to be alright!

I followed 2 different recipes – which is key to all my ventures in cooking. Always look for different options and try different things – you may not always get great results, but at least you’ve learned something new!

Alright so I’m a bit lazy today and sleepy because I had trouble sleeping last night and decided to make mini chocolate pies, which I will update you on it tomorrow.

So I’m going to just post the links that I got the recipes from and give you some little notes I took on my progress 🙂

Blueberry Upside Down Cake

Yellow Cake Mix (Homemade)

So I actually decided to make 12 cupcake sized blueberry upside down cakes, so although following every bit of the directions and ingredients was a good thing –  I shouldn’t have baked them for so long, so…

Note of the day:

If you go from big to smaller sized desserts, be wary of cooking time and spreading everything evenly – it makes a huge difference! I burnt my little cakes a bit, and although they still turned out fine, they didn’t look that pretty, so I’m not going to post up pictures today.

I’m going to try out more fruit-type desserts in the upcoming days, so keep checking!

I again apologize for the short post!